Debut Single "Honey" Out Now

On all digital platforms



Born and raised in the Clarence Valley of NSW, 27-year-old Vanessa Lawless is a vibrant singer-songwriter beginning to pave her way as an artist. Being introduced to child star Shirley Temple as a toddler, Vanessa would watch and follow her lead showing a natural keen interest in the performing arts. Ranging from dance classes to choir and playing clarinet in the school band, it was clear she was most comfortable and passionate on stage.


After completing High School with her main focus on drama and music studies she went on to complete a diploma of music performance at her local TAFE institute where she delved into songwriting and performing in and around her hometown of Grafton. However, by age 21 her lack of self-confidence caused her to make the decision to leave the spotlight in order to pursue a university degree. She opted to study Entertainment Management at AIM (Australian Institute of Music) in Sydney, but after nearly two years she found herself wanting to explore a healing modality and made another redirection. This time going on to become a massage therapist and reiki healer on the Gold Coast.

Her spiritual and healing journey had taken off and all the while she was still writing original songs inspired by her life lessons and experiences. It wasn't until her housemates heard her singing and playing guitar in her room that they encouraged her to jam with them and this is where her powerful voice was once again recognised. With the support of her friends, she began playing at open mics around the southern end of the Gold Coast which allowed her confidence to rebuild. And since then, she has overcome the fears that once held her back and has released her debut single "Honey", available on all digital platforms.

She strives to keep growing and becoming more empowered in authenticity. Vanessa's main motivation is to help humanity through her messages, hoping to plant seeds of inspiration in others so they too can flourish. Her music journey will be one to watch as we get to know all the little insights she has to offer.


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